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My Hero Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 64%
My Hero
My Hero My Hero My Hero My Hero
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Jesus is this game ever HARD! My Hero is but one in a long line of beat-em-ups that either hooks you with the desire to try and beat it, or keeps you playing for a maximum of thirty seconds, then deters you from ever re-visiting it. For the sake of this review, I spent a great deal of time trying to get better, but I don't believe I came CLOSE to beating it.

The lofty premise of My Hero is a tale as old as time: nerd-linger in blue Tux has his girlfriend stolen by Thug # 4 and ventures on quest to reclaim her. Maybe Thug # 5. Who the hell knows, they ALL look the same. Anyway, as mentioned before, this is one tough game. You earn points in this one every time you take a step. Sounds like you rack up quite a score, you might say, but good luck getting to the end of the first level, let alone defeat the boss! You don't have a set number of lives, either! One hit, and its back to the beginning, to watch in agony as Thug # 4 or 5 again kidnaps your girl.

In addition to the scores of baddy clones in your way, you must also dodge the occasional projectile; your basic bombs and bottles which are flung from windows. Fortunately, nerd-linger has several kung fu moves under his cummerbund. He can punch and kick, and he has the quintessential flying kick when you perform a jump. The enemies fly off the screen once defeated similarly to China Warrior, where they fly off diagonally, presumably to hell. Or, more likely, to another part of the level. How could a random street gang employ SO MANY warriors all clad in the same garb? It's an issue that needs to be addressed. Just like shoot em' up games that throw never-ending waves of ships that only require one shot to destroy. Someone's lining their pockets with money that should have gone into a better force field!

Overall, this game reminded me of classics like Bayou Billy, or Renegade. But on a more linear path. And not as fun or remotely innovative. Still, it gets points for having the gall to be so ridiculously hard!
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