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The King of Fighters: Evolution Reviewed by Patrick O'Connor on . Rating: 78%
The King of Fighters: Evolution
The King of Fighters: Evolution The King of Fighters: Evolution The King of Fighters: Evolution The King of Fighters: Evolution
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The final King of Fighters game for the Dreamcast gives the series a brand new start. The graphics are more in the tradition of the Street Fighter-style, with smoother 3D backgrounds and a more anime style to the characters and artwork. If you weren't wowed by the visuals of King of Fighter: Dream Match 1999, then Evolution might be the King of Fighter for you!

A number of the fighters are either completely new or come from a different fighting game series. Now the game features a tag feature similar to the PlayStation version of X-Men vs. Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Street Fighter. The difference here is that you call a regular partner for the tag moves; you can select a special non-playable "Striker" which can be leveled up every time you earn enough points from playing.

The background sounds are the familiar funky jazz style heard in other versions, and the voices are STILL as annoying as ever. Thank goodness TV remotes have mute buttons. This is the Dreamcast after all, the same system that offered Soul Calibur. Can't they just hire that Soul Calibur announcer?

If you're looking for the best King of Fighters game out before the 2000/2001 Collection, then Evolution is probably it. It may be missing the movies and the Character Color Mode of the PlayStation game, King of Fighters '99, but it does feature better graphics, more strikers, and two extra levels they couldn't pull off on that other system. Just what the diehard King of Fighters fan needs.

This game used to be easy to locate, but now it may take some serious searching. Two years ago, as SNK's popularity started to drop, Evolution's price plummeted from $40 to $10 in price. After the company ceased operations the game became harder to find, but it's worth it for whatever price it is now just to own the last Dreamcast title in the series.
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