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Sonic Adventure 2 Reviewed by Norman Greenwood on . Rating: 92%
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2
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There have been several titles that were either once exclusive to the Dreamcast or have lived on by becoming prequels or sequels through current console systems. However, I doubt any are quite as well-known as Sonic Adventure 2.

Sonic Adventure 2 is a great game with a unique history. Its initial release occurred after Sega had announced that they would be discontinuing the Dreamcast making the title seem unlikely to ever be heard of again. Fortunately this would not be the case. Sega turned to creating and selling games for the remaining competitive consoles. Sega then developed special editions of Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 for the Gamecube. These special editions, which practically bear no differences from the originals, are still being sold in stores today keeping Mario's longtime rival up and kicking!

The actual game is terrific. Every moment is filled with vibrant colors and gorgeous scenery. The graphics aren't that much different from its predecessor, but there is certainly less lag time in areas brimming with detail. Each environment also possesses visual qualities that make it different from any other.

Even the story is fascinating. Dr. Robotnik frees a Sonic look-a-like known as Shadow. The military begins to hunt down Sonic mistaking him for his new counterpart. Shadow is obsessed with the Chaos emeralds and intends on procuring them all! Along with his friends, Sonic must stop Shadow before he collects all the Chaos emeralds.

The contrasts between Sonic Adventure 2 and its precursor are what make the game what it is. The music from the original was upbeat, but campy. The sequel has more uplifting rifts in a more suitable tone. The addition of Shadow and Rouge are welcomed. Although both characters are mere imitations of Sonic and Knuckles, they both add to the story keeping the game fun and exciting. A battle feature has been employed allowing two opponents to go head-to-head; regrettably this option usually becomes overlooked. I found the best attribute of the game is the choice to begin as either a good or evil player. In the first Sonic Adventure you were forced to start off as Sonic rather than given the option.

As a whole, Sonic Adventure 2 stands as a remarkable game stemming from pure Sega ingenuity. The controls are familiar and the style and flare from the first has been raised to an entirely new level! Better options, different narrative structure, and new characters bring an onslaught of advancements over the former Sonic Adventure. While many of us are willing to play games that cause you to painstakingly waste time by backtracking for hours on end, the rest of us prefer a quick-paced, action-packed game. And even though Sonic Adventure 2 does lack a sense of complexity, the game is sure not to disappoint with its continuous flow of adventure and exceptional surroundings.
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