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Carrier Reviewed by Norman Greenwood on . Rating: 64%
Carrier Carrier Carrier Carrier
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Carrier is more or less a recycled Resident Evil game, not that that’s a bad thing! At a first glance the game seems little more than a rip-off of Capcom’s popular survival horror series, but as you quickly become involved in the game you find that Carrier has the ability to stand as its own unique rendition of zombie-based amusement.

The resemblances between the two games are recognized from the graphics and game play. The game is devised of two characters that meet up but have two separate journeys. The polygonal textures of the two characters are adequate, yet more reminiscent of the first few visits to Raccoon City. The similarities end with 180-degree turning and forced camera perspectives that are key points in both games.

Other graphical elements such as bosses, bursts of fire, or backgrounds hold the real beauties of Carrier. Detail becomes a focal point in these minor essentials, and rightfully so since your character will be running into them constantly throughout the game. If there could have been one change in the graphics it should have been the light source. The game is often dimly-lit and makes it hard to determine when you’re battling a zombie or an inanimate stairwell!

You are given very few tools to complete your missions. This can be seen more of a godsend than a hindrance. While in RE editions you spend ample time picking up new weapons, the only other tools you will pick up and require are cards and small books to give you information or allow you access to other floors and areas.

Besides the gun you begin with, and the machine gun you obtain later, the only other useful piece of equipment is the BEM-T3 scope found early on in the game. While the camera remains stationary in Carrier, the T3 scope makes available a first-person perspective you can not find in any of the RE prequels or sequels. With the scope you can ignore the third-person viewpoint and look at places the camera does not. This can become extremely helpful when audible zombies are coming, but you can’t see precisely from where!

The plotline of the story is appealing. The time is the distant future and the world has become separated into the northern and southern hemispheres. A group of people from the north have picked up an ancient organism on a vessel deemed "Heimdal." The ancient organism known as ARK is somehow released and it begins to wreak havoc on the entire crew. Jack Ingles is sent in to discover the fate of the Heimdal’s crew and what lies behind it. Together, with Jessifer Manning, the two seek out ARK in order to destroy it.

There are few upsides to this game. Controls are familiar as they have already been implemented in RE games. The story has substance, but takes too long to unfold in the general outlook of the game. The zombies are original in that most approach you before revealing that their head acts like a Venus flytrap! They also have the capability to shoot their ribs outwards like lethal spikes. The best feature of Carrier is the T3 scope as it not only permits a whole area to be viewed, but can also distinguish humans among zombies.

If you find yourself debating on whether to buy this game or not consider a few things first: The game is fun and has its highlights, but does not produce as much enjoyment an older RE version would. However, if you’re tired of unoriginal storylines, or the inability to see every aspect of a single area, the game may be worth purchasing. A final determining factor should be the price. As most stores do not rent Dreamcast games anymore it will become the simple decision of buying Carrier or not.
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