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Legend of Success Joe Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 1%
Legend of Success Joe
Legend of Success Joe Legend of Success Joe Legend of Success Joe Legend of Success Joe
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Have you ever wanted to be a Punching bag? Have you ever wanted to slam your control down hard enough to break it? Have you ever wanted to feel so frustrated that you swore you would never play another video game ever again? Well now you can, because the kind people at Wave Corp. have brought us The Legend of Success Joe.

You are Joe Yabuki, even though most of the game it doesn't really feel like it. The control is not just bad, the control is useless. Imagine Final Fight, now imagine it with only punching, no way of avoiding being hit by attackers, and the most sluggish control I have ever felt.

The story is simple, Joe becomes a successful pugilist, and defeats all of his rivals on the way. Raging Bull it's not, but then again, it's not quite as entertaining as the Great White Hype, either.

But to say the control is stiff would be a gross understatement. I actually had to check my connection with the control to see if perhaps something had gone awry. Alas, unless I have a defective game, this game is among the worst controlling ... PERIOD. And the graphics radiate with stiffness, too. Infact, this game is an all around HORRIBLE game. Play at your own risk.
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