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Zaxxon's Mother Base 2000 Reviewed by Lee Miller on . Rating: 20%
Zaxxon's Mother Base 2000
Zaxxon's Mother Base 2000 Zaxxon's Mother Base 2000 Zaxxon's Mother Base 2000 Zaxxon's Mother Base 2000
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  • D
Remember Zaxxon for the Atari 2600? Of course you do, it’s a classic. Remember Zaxxon’s Mother base 2000 for the 32x? No? Didn’t think you would, it is completely unremarkable.

The game has some interesting bits, like you sometimes cannot kill the boss yourself and must blast a whole in the floor to kill it. Also, sometimes debris falls during boss fights, obstructing your path.

I suppose the graphics are okay, they certainly are not the best on the 32x. The polygonal characters are extremely basic. The backgrounds are well done, though they are faux 3D. The game tries to pack a lot of enemies on screen, which it does, but not without some extremely bad slowdown.

The sound is terrible; we’re talking NES quality stuff here. "Bleep, bleep, bleep, puhsuuuuuuuuu." Not worth talking about.

You moves extremely slowly; especially for an action game, and that’s before it gets into the latter levels, where, I have to mention again, is some of the worst slowdown I have ever seen which adversely affects your controls. If you are using the standard controller, it is going to be a nightmare. If you happen to have a joystick it is pretty good.
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