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Alpha Mission 2 Reviewed by Patrick O'Connor on . Rating: 64%
Alpha Mission 2
Alpha Mission 2 Alpha Mission 2 Alpha Mission 2 Alpha Mission 2
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When I first started up Alpha Mission 2, I expected a pushover easy and fast game. I underestimated the Neo*Geo ... I was so wrong.

When I started the game up I instantly knew I had to be a pretty darn sharp shooter to even beat the first level. Alpha Mission 2 is one of the most complex games I have played on any system. It requires a lot of eye coordination and has tons of power-ups; which don't seem to work most of the time. This game spans 6 levels, which are all pretty deep, each housing a ton of bosses. A fast-fingered action fan should bust through this in 4-5 hours.

The total time playing this game totaled about 8 hours for me, as it seemed as if the game was against me in more ways than one. On the other hand I did not mind playing the game over and over, at least, not as much as I thought I would. At the end of each level though I was expecting the ability to buy a new ship, and hopefully have my money accumulate, not just disappear. It was very disappointing and frustrating when I realized only had 10 seconds to select a costly weapon out of the long list.

The story is bare to none, and explains nothing. Nowhere in the game does this seem important, which is pretty standard with shooters of that time. I had to dig around just to find that it did in fact have one. Here's what I found.

"Just when you thought it was safe the nightmarish 200-year space war that was 'ended' in the original ALPHA MISSION rages on. In the year 2525, the evil "Fulvar" and his 'Seven Star Alliance' are blasting through space with more sophisticated weapons, obliterating planet after planet on their way to destroy Earth ... "

I didn't even see a name mention, and I know I would have not missed an awkward name such as Fulvar. If you know how to button smash, then you have this game down, not much to it, just shoot and don't die ... which is easier said than done.

This is a good, not great shooter that will have you interested for a few hours. If you are a Neo*Geo owner I would suggest Blazing Star over Alpha Mission 2.
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