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Doshin the Giant: More than Giant Reviewed by Ferry Groenendijk on . Rating: 1%
Doshin the Giant: More than Giant
Doshin the Giant: More than Giant Doshin the Giant: More than Giant Doshin the Giant: More than Giant Doshin the Giant: More than Giant
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You're a hyperactive kid and a die-hard Doshin the Giant fan, but just when things are getting good, you're told to go to bed by your mom. That night, as you sleep, you dream about your shadow drifting out the window and traveling to a crazy world. A world where you have to save a chained Doshin from his life of imprisonment. Here's how it works: you collect hearts and then spill them onto the giant by peeing on him, that way Doshin will grow and eventually escape from his Expo '96 prison.

If you read what I just said you may wonder how literal you should take it, we're talking about peeing here, urinating, as if Doshin wasn't yellow enough as it was. I'll be honest, at first it's hilarious, I laughed out loud at it is utter ridiculousness! But then I started sobbing at the crappy controls in a 2D plane and how little substance you get. This isn't a game, it's a replay of the first Doshin while you piss in between replays and watch a small movie at the end of each completed task, hardly what I'd call a worthy expansion disk to the original game, it's no game really.

This disk was only available for a few days through credit card pre-ordering from Nintendo of Japan's online store on April 20th 2000 at a price of 3,333 Yen (just over $30). Only 3,000 copies of this disk were ever produced making this disk one of the most sought after games for collectors.

Unlike the pre-release rumours had suggested, extra Doshin the Giant levels were never made available as an update through RandnetDD, instead this terrible appendix disk named Doshin the Giant: More Than Giant was released (direct translation is Doshin the Giant: Liberating Front Child Piss Large Set). Ironically this add-on does not contain any extra levels or updates, instead it only allows you to play through the game again by swapping between both disks to unlock black and white movies of Doshin.

So, how does the add-on work??

Mostly you have to pee a lot ... walk to one of the monument signs ... pee everywhere until something happens ... select one you're sure you had built in Doshin 1 ... take out Doshin 2, insert Doshin 1 ... take out Doshin 1, insert Doshin 2 ... building of a construction will begin ... then you are given an excuse to redo a Doshin 1 level ... take a nap when you've done just about everything ... which I did, cause I don't read Japanese ... turn off your N64 system as there's no prompt screen ... take out Doshin 1, insert Doshin 2 ... turn on your N64 system and hope you've done right ... go back to where you came from and talk again ... if you've done good, you get to watch a short, tiny black and white movie.

Problem is you have to do all the above 17 times (the number of buildings) to get the most out of Doshin. And well, that is just not worth it, not to mention impossible if you don't speak Japanese at all. With such a stylish and fun first game I'm sad this isn't a sequel and I can't say much good about it.
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