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Boxy Boy Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
Boxy Boy
Boxy Boy Boxy Boy Boxy Boy Boxy Boy
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Like Tetris, like Puyo Puyo, and many other puzzle games, the Turbo Duo isn't the first stop for Boxy Boy, and probably won't be the last. If you haven't played Boxy Boy, perhaps you have played Boxxle (for the Game Boy) or maybe Shove It (for the Sega Genesis).

Boxy Boy is a pretty simple concept, and even if you haven't played this game, I'm sure you've had to use the puzzle solving techniques before. As a mover, it's your job to move boxes around the oddly shaped levels and place them on to dots on the floor. As we all know moving boxes is difficult, and if you move the wrong box, you jeopardize your entire operation. Lucky for you you can redo a step, as well as start the level over. But you will have to figure out the levels yourself, and some, especially in the higher levels, are extremely challenging.

The game isn't for those who don't like to be challenged. The puzzles range from being really easy, to being excruciatingly difficult. The theme will seem familiar if you've ever played a Resident Evil game, however, as Capcom incorporates this puzzle theme in just about every game. The graphics and sounds are minimal at best, but it does nothing to detract from the actual game. The speed is swift, and it's damn addictive (until you beat it).

Well worth a look, unless you hate movers, boxes, or puzzle games.
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