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Rampart Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
Rampart Rampart Rampart Rampart
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Rampart was always one of my favorite arcade games. While not readily accessible, once learned the game was a good one player game, a great two player game, and a KICK ASS three player game! Well, I am pleased to announce that the Lynx version is exactly the same.

Well, alright, it's not exactly the same. The control is a little laggy, and the game plays about half the speed. On the other hand, it doesn't feel too extreme, and the play doesn't really suffer because of it.

The game is pretty much the same. The one player mode lets you choose a easy or hard mode, and it's all about point. The two and three player games, however let you choose your castle and then bomb the hell out of your neighbor. For you unformiliar with the game play, you shoot out bombs, and so does your enemy. You have time to rebuild (and conquer new castles for a bigger prize) with tetris-style piece.

The Lynx never really caught on, which is a shame, but it did have a few really great games, and this is one of them. The one player is addictive, but with three people you can't go wrong. One hell of a game.
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