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Rampage Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 57%
Rampage Rampage Rampage
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Influenced by King Kong, supported by four player action, and characters like Godzilla ... how could Rampage fail? Well, if you are fan of repetitive action games that don't change no matter what level you are on, you are going to go BONKERS for the Lynx version of Rampage.

This version of Rampage is slightly more than a remake of the arcade original, it features one new character, and tons of stuff to destroy. But even with the added character (that also allows for four player action) Rampage is just dull. The arcade original wasn't that great either, so this is just a continuation of that theme, if you will.

Just like the arcade version, you climb up buildings looking for screaming women and faulty construction. After you have destroyed each and every building, you progress to the next level. On the next level you climb up buildings looking for screaming women and faulty construction ... and so on so forth. Of course, the military is shooting at you. Of course the air force is after you. Heck, people even put up traps to protect themselves (which generally electrocutes you, sending you to the ground).

As much fun as this all sounds, it really wears out his welcome well before passing the first level. And it's only worse when you move on to the next level. The moment you realize that almost all of the levels are identical the fun quickly wanes.

The game does succeed when you work in the four-player mode. It's only then that the game is worth any play at all. So if you've got some friends to play this with pick it up ... but if you are looking for a classic game with tons of replay for the Lynx, make sure you're first choice is Robotron!
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