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Qix Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
Qix Qix Qix
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Unlike most puzzlers, Qix is a strange game that has as much to do with Tetris as a Dog as to do with going to a movie. This is both the best news, and the worst news for this little game.

Qix is a pretty addictive game. The goals are pretty simple, and the game is tons of fun. Basically your goal is to "fill in" over 65% of the level. It's harder than it sounds, though, because there are two "sparks" circling the levels, and a weird flying thing in the middle of the level ... and if either of them hit you, or your un filled in line, it's an instant "try again".

My main complaint with a game like this is how tired and old it becomes. Unlike Tetris, the game can be easily mastered, and the problems never really get too difficult. All this game needs from you is a lot of luck and patience.

But that's selling the game short. In actuality Qix is highly entertaining, and well worth owning. The controls a little sluggish, but you'll hardly notice. And best of all, it's two players!! Not the best game for the system, but far from the worst!
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