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Ms. Pac Man Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
Ms. Pac Man
Ms. Pac Man Ms. Pac Man Ms. Pac Man Ms. Pac Man
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What can possibly be said about Ms. Pac Man?

Well, like the famous analogy, in many ways Star Trek: The Next Generation is far superior to the original Star Trek, but it will never been appreciated as much as the original. Ms. Pac Man is Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In every way possible Ms. Pac Man is better. There are different mazes, as opposed to just different speeds. There are different challenges. Plus, there's an even more addictive two player mode. The problem is, Pac Man will ALWAYS be considered the classic.

The Lynx revision of Ms. Pac Man is even better than I remember the arcade game being. The game really shines on the small screen, and the colors are extremely vibrant. The control feels a little slow, but I couldn't tell the difference after a few levels.

All in all Ms. Pac Man is the better of the Pac Man's on the Lynx (or any other portable for that matter). If you need your Pac Man fix you can't go wrong with this ... and hey, at least it's better than Pac Land!! -Adam
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