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Block Out Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 10%
Block Out
Block Out Block Out Block Out
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  • D-
That's not entirely true, but for the time being, let's just believe it. You see, being an old school Tetris-phile keeps me extremely biased, and Block Out goes against everything I love in a puzzler.

For one thing, Block Out is extremely difficult to play. It's difficult to navigate your pieces and to actually see where they go. Since the pieces fall from the sky, and you're looking down at the pieces, it's frustrating as hell to do anything with skill. And it doesn't get any better over time, either. What should be so easy to play, it hindered by low detail.

And when you finally DO get the pieces where they need to go, which I might add is out of luck as opposed to any skill what so ever, the game doesn't reward you with anything special. The whole thing will make you wonder why you're even playing this game!

Tetris works because of its simplicity. Block Out could learn a few things about simplicity, it could also learn a few things about fun. This game is neither addictice, nor is it any fun to play. Pass it to an enemy.
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