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Doom Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 57%
Doom Doom Doom Doom
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Much like Street Fighter II, Doom may not have been the first game to fully utilize the First Person Shooter aspects of game making (the third, if you count Faceball), but Doom WAS the first game to popularize it! Case and point, you never hear the phrase "it's a Wolfenstein-clone", no you hear "Doom-clone". And Doom really is the first person shooter that got ported to the home systems, even though in most cases, Wolfenstein would have been an easier fit.

But Doom really hit its stride when online playable games hit. I remember spending many a sleepless night playing Doom with friends ... and this may be why I am so burned out of online first person shooters. But I digress, Doom was never a solid one player game, but as a multiplayer game, Doom is solid gold!

Doom on the Jaguar misses the online boat, but it does feature quite a few features new to the home consoles. For the first time, Doom was playable in FULL SCREEN FORMAT! Plus there wasn't any music, which by the way is a major improvement! Some of the levels and characters had changed a little, but the game was still a load to play.

This is not THE first person shooter to own on the Jaguar, perhaps on the 32x, but not on the Jaguar. If you're looking for a good first person shooter, look no further than Alien vs. Predator!
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