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Aircars Reviewed by David Bowen on . Rating: 10%
Aircars Aircars Aircars Aircars
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It seems the world has undergone a nuclear holocaust (ouch) and the planet has been whipped out pretty much, an organization has been formed called "E.B.N.E.R.S.", their main purpose is to keep everyone happy and make them all friendly torwards eachother and make them live in peace, enough is more bloodshed ok? We all have to get along now J All the nuclear scientists now looking back at their big mistake decided to work together and help make devices and vehicles to help keep this world peacefull in hopes of ending any futher loss of life. Well it seems the people of the world couldn't accept this idea.perfect harmony? No more wars, etc? YEA RIGHT! The government decides to place spies within the ranks of E.B.N.E.R.S. to keep tabs on what goes on, and exactly how they intend on keeping our world safe. Seems they plan to take over the world using these "protection" vehicles and place a bomb in every major city still standing. The government constructs their own Air Cars and weapons to destroy the E.B.N.E.R.S. and keep them from gaining their world conquest. You will be giving a list of "primary targets" that you need to destroy in each mission you are sent on in order to beat down the organization. It's up to you, the free world depends on you, are you up to it?

With a great idea behind this game you would think it has some kick ass graphics and will keep you captivators for hours, engrossed in battle with sweat on your brow. How about we give you a plain shaded polygon enviroment and lack of just about any kind of detail at all? Granted I have played a lot of Jaguar games, some good some bad, each one lacks a little something, and well this defiantly lacks that something. Great idea; bad graphics. Course their explination was, hey it's in a wake of a nuclear holicaust.not suppose to be much to look at! LOL Granted that is the case but some texture making would be have been great.

In the sound department we have some cheesy explosions, odd lil sounds and effects that really don't match reality at all for a battle that is suppose to be going on. Music? No music here, maybe cause in the future after that kinda was there is no radio, so this is what you have, some sound effects that are just left as "ok" and no music (well intro and in between levels but really repetitious).hmmm so far 2 strikes against this game, can it get worse?

With missiles coming at you in all directs, your surrounded by the enemy, what you need to get you out of the jam is some decent control to manuver your car around. Now from what I remember, in the manual the Air Car is suppose to be like a hovercraft, with that in mind..maybe that is why the car takes so long to accelerate and decelerate, but I am not too sure, I just think the controls are sluggish, however not totally unresponsive, just makes you get frustrated after an hour of play or so.

Well you must think I am either being really harsh on this game and it deserves a better review, but I am not gonna candy coat this review and make you think it's some awesome game that you must absolutely have to add to your Jaguar collection. The only major thing is has going for it is the ability to be networked, it can be set up for deathmatch with a total of 8 players. That sounds like a fabulous idea, course I have no access to a couple of catboxes, I do have a networking thing (JagLink) but not a second copy of AirCars (why would I want to buy another one? LOL). So in spite of everyone saying it is a little better in Multiplayer and you can get some fun out of this title, I can only stick to what I know and what I see. So there you have it, AirCars...what more can I say?
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