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The Typing of the Dead Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 78%
The Typing of the Dead
The Typing of the Dead The Typing of the Dead The Typing of the Dead The Typing of the Dead
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Where was Typing of the Dead when I was in high school keyboarding class? Ah ... I miss all the great learning tools.

If you grew up learning to play piano with the MIRACLE Piano Teaching system then Typing of the Dead isn't a far stretch. Basically Sega teaches you how to type by throwing you into a survival horror world of zombies, bats, and other big creatures dead set on killing you ... or at least making you brunch.

How Sega works their learning magic is kind of like how the Army makes you athletic. At first you are allowed to simply type a two or three letter word to kill an enemy, but then as things heat up, and bigger, stronger characters are charging, you are forced to type completely nonsensical sentences.

As a learning tool I have mixed feelings. While I have never witnessed anybody learning on, the idea seems a little bit like learning to dance at gunpoint. And perhaps REALLY poor typists will get frustrated, but who knows. However, as a fun "anti-shooter" this game is FULL of surprises and fast finger action.

Frankly, you won't have more fun typing out sentences, period. There is a lot of replay due to the random words, and the game really is a lot of fun just to challenge yourself. I will admit that I loathe the official Dreamcast keyboard (and wish I could use my ergonomic keyboard), but can surprise myself each and every time I play. The game is far too short, but it's fun no matter what age you are. A class act!
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