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Sega Rally Championship 2 Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 64%
Sega Rally Championship 2
Sega Rally Championship 2 Sega Rally Championship 2 Sega Rally Championship 2
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  • B-
When Sega does wonders, they are invincible. Take a look at Virtua Fighter 2. However, when they are fallable, they are fallable, take a look at Virtua Fighter 3. As a gamer I always hope the sequel improves upon the things I didn't like, and retain what I loved about the original. I do not feel Sega's end of the bargain was met with Sega Rally 2.

What we have here is a oft-delayed game that feels rushed. Present are a lack of tracks. Lack of intensity. And most importantly, a severe draw in (or pop up) problem related to the background. Only the draw-in problem plagued the original, and that was accepted due to the hardware running it.

The game itself plays much like the original, the control is loose, but on purpose. The skidding, sliding, and out of control-ness comes with some practice, but when mastered can be a fun experience. It does feel a bit floaty, however, after playing better rally titles like Colin McRay. Nonetheless, the game controls like a gusty breeze.

The music is to be expected, and not really important to this review. The graphics are pretty crisp, outside of the glaring draw-in that happens all over the place. Even in the two player, the game doesn't slow down too much, and is a pretty good example of what CAN be done.

This is sadly one of your only choices of rally games on the Dreamcast, however, I would still say hold out for something better. This game is weak.
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