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Power Stone 2 Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 92%
Power Stone 2
Power Stone 2 Power Stone 2 Power Stone 2 Power Stone 2
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After playing Power Stone 2 you'll wonder how Capcom will ever top it.

Power Stone was one of the very first Dreamcast games, and perhaps the first or second ACTUALLY worth owning. Capcom has worked around the clock to bring us a sequel that doesn't just improve on the original, it makes you wonder why you played it in the first place!

Bored with the one on one action? Well, Power Stone 2 is four players! What's that? You want bigger levels? Well, how about levels that go on changing and moving for as many as 5 minutes!! You want more characters? Well, Capcom has you covered here to with four brand new fighters!

But words alone can't make you appreciate Power Stone 2 ... but I'm going to try any ways. As a one player, two player, heck, no matter how many people you have over Power Stone 2 brings everything you loved about the original and expands on them.

One of the levels features a fight on two boats, each doing different things, swaying back and forth ... that is until they both hit icebergs!! And in another level when your air ship is hit an aerial fight breaks out ... but don't forget the parachutes! And I haven't even mentioned the alien levels, the city level ... and and and ...

And these levels are almost completely interactive, even though the fights are so fierce you're likely not to notice. The four player games ad some much needed intensity to this sequel, making it one of the must own titles for the Dreamcast.

No matter if you're gunning it solo or you have a party going on, Power Stone 2 is just about the perfect 3D fighting game. If anything it's the best of it's kind, and will be nearly impossible to top. Though ... with internet access.
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