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Heavy Metal Geomatrix Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 50%
Heavy Metal Geomatrix
Heavy Metal Geomatrix Heavy Metal Geomatrix Heavy Metal Geomatrix
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Dragging their Spawn engine out once again, Capcom is ready to bring another dull arcade fighter to the Dreamcast.

Now that's not something you hear very often, "another dull arcade fighter" ... but truth be told, when it comes to 3D fighters Capcom can't seem to hit any out of the park. Not undaunted by the failure of Spawn, Heavy Metal Geomatrix has stepped up to the plate for an all out fighting fest.

Unfortunately for you the control is Heavy Metal Geomatrix hasn't been improved over Spawn, and neither have the graphics. While the enemies in Spawn were big and well drawn, the Heavy Metal characters are small, and tend to look and act the same.

This hard-core comic has spawned two movies, and a bunch of "harder" core comics. The translation to the console hasn't been as nice, though. Heavy Metal Geomatrix is neither fun to play, or interesting to watch. While the movies are filled with ultra violence and nudity, the game is pretty boring when you look at it.

Each level is multi-layered and fun to break down, but none are as interesting as what we've seen in countless better Capcom fighters. There really is little here that can be recommended at all.

If you have nothing to do, and you've already beaten Spawn, this game is your cup of tea. However, if you're like most people, you'd rather have a root canal.
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