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Death Crimson OX Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 40%
Death Crimson OX
Death Crimson OX Death Crimson OX Death Crimson OX Death Crimson OX
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  • C-
If you haven't had enough of House of the Dead 2, Silent Scope, and Confidential Mission, boy do I have a game for you. However, like each of the games I just mentioned, Death Crimson OX is pretty much void of originality, good control, and fun.

Story wise Death Crimson is held together by a poorly sewn together "hunt" quest. The only problem is that all the "role playing" aspects of the game are completely useless. The game is a shooter plain and simple, even if you gain experience it's not going to help as the game's over so quickly.

Speaking of which, even though you can beat the game in under an hour (on your first try), it does have some just amazing visuals along the way. Some of the levels are a bit trite, but the use of big sand worms is a definite plus in my book.

Nonetheless, like the other "shooters" on the Dreamcast (or any other system for that matter) Death Crimson OX falls apart mostly because of it's limited replay and predictable levels. Few will want to play through the game more than, say, five or six times, and even the most die hard fan won't find much in the way of extra features.

If you've been shopping for House of the Dead 3, but you don't know that it doesn't exists, then Death Crimson OX is a perfect game for you. For me, however, I'll take a first person shooter any day of the week.
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