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Crazy Taxi 2 Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 64%
Crazy Taxi 2
Crazy Taxi 2 Crazy Taxi 2 Crazy Taxi 2 Crazy Taxi 2
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There's an awful lot riding on the sequel to Crazy Taxi. Not only does it have to follow up the single most addictive Dreamcast game known to man, but it also has to deliver something we didn't get with the original. For the most part Crazy Taxi 2 delivers, just not as cleanly.

For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon that "is" Crazy Taxi you best not even continue reading this review and get up and buy it this second. Picking up and dropping off passengers might not sound riveting, but it's by FAR the best job simulator you're likely to see.

For the sequel Sega has gone back and essentially made the sequel exactly the same. Sure they through in a handy (though a bit obnoxious) jump button, and the levels are all new, but the game itself is pretty much identical. The graphics haven't improved much, however there are tons of new people to pick up, and a whole new batch of sponsored stores to drop them off.

In this game you are actually able to pick up two, three, and even four people at the same time ... however, it's a trick to actually deliver them where they need to go. The levels also seem to have a more New York theme to them ... unlike the original which looked an awful lot like San Francisco. I like the new levels, but they aren't as inventive as the originals.

There is also a new batch of characters ... none of which I like. Now, the original wasn't overflowing with great characters, either, but at least I could find one or two oddballs I liked. No matter, the cars feel pretty much the same, and the handling, though a bit slippery, works fine for me.

What the game is missing, however, is the multi player modes Sega promised from the first press releases of Crazy Taxi 2. But even with this disappointment, Crazy Taxi 2 does live up as a fun game, but not much of a sequel. It's really more like Crazy Taxi ver. 2.0.
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