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ChuChu Rocket Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 78%
ChuChu Rocket
ChuChu Rocket ChuChu Rocket ChuChu Rocket
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Chu Chu Rocket is 100% more fun than you should have. It's a major blast ... however, you better watch the intake, as when you have overdosed, you might as well put the game away.

Chu Chu is helmed by Sonic Team, who have been on the forefront of online games for the Dreamcast. Sonic Team also worked on Phantasy Star Online which suffers from some of the same problems as Chu Chu Rocket. Chu Chu is a very early example of what can be done with the dreamcast and a phone line. However, the game is so simple that once you have picked up the pattern, and you have played it for a few hours, you will tire of it, and simply never play it again.

When playing it with friends there always seems like there's SOMEBODY who is better, that just out of a force of luck can pull of wins like their's no tomorrow! And when that person is on a roll ... they often never seem to lose. The game is probably extremely well balanced, but it doesn't feel like it enough.

The graphics are simple, but they work. Unlike other party puzzle games on the system, Chu Chu's graphics aren't as inspired as, say, Worms. The graphics are better than the sound, at least. While the tunes can be infectious, there is simply no excuse for how annoying they are.

The control to the game is wonderful, and really, can almost (!) be played with one hand. In the online version of the game there is a noticeable pause between the time you push the button, and the time the game acts. Though since it effects everybody, it doesn't really seem like that big of a deal.

The presentation of the game is good, but not $50 good. The game quickly aged, and even though it doesn't need flashy graphics or anything like that, it also doesn't have a lot of variety. A good game, but far from a perfect game.
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