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Virtua Fighter Remix Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 64%
Virtua Fighter Remix
Virtua Fighter Remix Virtua Fighter Remix Virtua Fighter Remix Virtua Fighter Remix
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  • B-
What is Sega to do? They knowingly release a sub par Virtua Figther game for your high priced system, hoping nobody notices. When people do, thanks mostly to the success of Tekken for the competition, you are stuck with no time to finish Virtua Fighter 2, and a game people don't want. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Well, if you are Sega, you back track a little and offer a rebate for the GOOD version of Virtua Figther, called Virtua Fighter Remix. The Remix is basically the same game, with a more Virtua Fighter 2 look. The characters all have increased polygon counts, and animate much better than the original release. The game even plays faster.

All of these advancements, but still something's missing. The game is even older now, and still I am looking for something more. This effort comes off as both an apology and a rush job. A shame whatever it is, and foreshadowing of what was to come to the Saturn (and eventually Sega).
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