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Virtua Fighter Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 50%
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter
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To say that Virtua Fighter is slow, is like saying that Dances with Wolves is long. To be fair, Virtua Fighter was the first game to break the 2D barrier, but on the Saturn this two year old arcade game feels pretty weak.

Right off the bat, Virtua Fighter was plagued by Namco's better playing (and faster) Tekken PlayStation game. While Virtua Fighter has always prided itself on being more realistic, with real fighting styles, Tekken's creators knew the audience of kung fu films wanted the fast ballet like action, and not to study the accuracy of the martial arts.

Sega's AM2 division always has a way of putting personality into their games, and Virtua Fighter on the Saturn is no exceptions. All of the characters are pretty unique, and as the first major 3D babe, Sarah fits in like a charm.

The game has steady frame rate, and animates remarkably better than you would think looking at the still images. The game looks and animates only slightly better than the 32x version of the game. And this is my main concern with the game. As a game it's just average, however, as a show piece for the Saturn, this is terribly weak!
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