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NBA Jam Tournament Edition Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 100%
NBA Jam Tournament Edition
NBA Jam Tournament Edition NBA Jam Tournament Edition NBA Jam Tournament Edition NBA Jam Tournament Edition
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First there was NBA Jam, a revolutionary four player arcade game that made more money than just about anything, ever. Then there was the inevitable ports to systems ... lots and lots and lots and lots of systems (so many systems it's easier to count the consoles NBA Jam is NOT on). And now there's the sequel, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, which is more of the same.

Not that that is a bad thing, quite the contrary. As far as NBA Jam goes, this is just about the best it could be. And on the Saturn it's almost arcade perfect. Each of the characters looks just right, and scales in and out of the screen as he runs. And finally we are able to hear it just the way it was meant to be heard, with all the fruitful commentary.

Now, some may argue that there is no real reason to own NBA Jam T.E., as it's not really that much of an improvement. But it really comes down to how you look at games. For Street Fighter II fans, getting Street Fighter II Turbo or Super Street Fighter II makes sense, as it adds enough of what they are looking for. And NBA Jam T.E. is no different. This game is faster, more intense, and has more secrets than ever. And if you are a NBA Jam fan, there's no reason you shouldn't own this. And isn't it worth it for an almost arcade exact version of NBA Jam?!?

If you are a NBA Jam fan you probably aren't even reading this right now, but for those who aren't perhaps you should check out one of the best arcade to home conversions of all time. This game is timeless.
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