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Marvel Super Heroes Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 64%
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes
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Knowing they couldn't live off of Street Fighter II all their life, Capcom made an important decision: they were going to license! Marvel Super Heroes may not be their first license (Yo Noid was), it was an important building block in what would end up being the turning point for the Street Fighter series.

Marvel Super Heroes feels rushed. There are ten playable characters, but none seem especially well rounded. All of the moves can be accomplished by some basic Street Fighter II move. And while the game doesn't "feel" like Street Fighter II, it does have more than a passing similarity to Capcom's other fighters (like the Vampire Savior series).

Marvel Super Heroes has a nice new power up system, too. And the game looks amazing. But there is just so little substance here. The characters don't seem nearly as interesting as they do in the comics, and they aren't replacements for the Street Fighter cast.

The Saturn version was helped by the addition of the RAM cart. This helped loading time and brought back much of the animation and detail found in the arcade version. The game isn't a perfect port, but next to the PlayStation version it's flawless. Like Capcom Street Fighter-clones, Marvel Super Heroes fits the Saturn's six-button lay out like a glove.

The problem is that the game just isn't as much fun as it was in other incarnations. If you own any one of the mentioned games you likely have no use for this game. But if they fought against Street Fighter characters, well, they'd have something there ...
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