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Die Hard Arcade Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 50%
Die Hard Arcade
Die Hard Arcade Die Hard Arcade Die Hard Arcade Die Hard Arcade
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In writing reviews I have a rule: Never spend more time writing the review than you did playing the game. So, for Die Hard Arcade that means I have a twenty-one minute and forty-four second deadline to meet here.

Like too many other Die Hard games before it, Die Hard Arcade really has nothing to do with the Bruce Willis film of the same name ... well, expect for the building of course. In Sega's version of the eighties classic John is forced to do battle with TONS of terrorists, big guys with guns, oh yeah, and robots! That's right, ROBOTS. Don't ask me where they appeared in the movie (I must have been to the bathroom during those scenes), all I know is that they are here in this game in force!

The game controls exactly like the old school Final Fight games. That isn't a bad thing, however the game gives off this image of 3D, even though it's really more of a 2D experience. Unlike Final Fight, however, Die Hard Arcade introduces heavy-duty weapons ... some, like the rocket launcher, that you would NEVER have in a big building!

This is also a two player game, which, for fans of the movie, should be even more perplexing. You, and your partner, fight the forces of evil and ... heck, let's face it, the only reason it's called "Die Hard" is because it's an easier sell than "Dynamite Deka". Personally this game would have been better with either the "Escape from New York" or "Big Trouble in Little China" license. And I bet they were cheaper, too.

No matter, if you can get past the 2D fighting, and the SHORT lifespan of the game you'll love this game. But if you're in it for the replay, you better look elsewhere. After you've beaten this one it's likely you'll NEVER go through it again.

Yes it's an a good old fashion arcade brawler ... but that doesn't mean it's worth your well earned money. It's hard to recommend.
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