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Daytona USA Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 40%
Daytona USA
Daytona USA Daytona USA Daytona USA Daytona USA
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What a disappointment. I know, I know, maybe it's the hype I was waiting for. Maybe it's the hype engine at work again, maybe it's my pure, unbridled love for Daytona USA (the arcade game), maybe it's my hoping and praying for it to be top notch, but whatever it is ... Daytona USA just doesn't live up to the arcade game.

The arcade game was two years old by the time the Saturn was released. Two years!! And this game, which DOES recreate the levels extremely well, and DOES recreate the car damage, and DOES recreate the camera angles ... but why, oh why does this game looks for HORRIBLE!!

Alright, to be fair, the game was extremely rushed (and shows) for the Japanese launch. And yes, I know that they had no time to make the "proper" changes before the surprise American launch of the Saturn. But this game does not even come close to looking like the two year old arcade game, and compared to the equally rushed Ridge Racer for the PlayStation, there is no excuse for this.

The graphics look like they were being pumped out of the 32x, let alone Sega's $400 wonder unit! The control is loose, but feels as good as the arcade did. The camera shots are just as fast, and impressive, no matter what the graphics look like.

There is no two player mode, but Ridge Racer didn't have one either (and Daytona's non-official sequel for the Saturn did have a two player mode, and much improved graphics), so it's basically a non issue. But the music, especially the almost gimmicky rooooooooolling staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrt!!!

If you can find Sega Rally, there's no reason to even look at the Daytona USA box!! The Dreamcast version, on the other hand ...
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