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Capcom Generation 5 Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
Capcom Generation 5
Capcom Generation 5 Capcom Generation 5 Capcom Generation 5 Capcom Generation 5
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There's no question the impact of Street Fighter II on the video game market. Though popular fighters have been thrust into the 3D arena, the 2D classics still garner a cult following. Anybody who grew up on Street Fighter II should be overjoyed by Capcom's decision to release a set of Street Fighter II games, but it doesn't come without a few problems.

Capcom Generation Volume 5 is the last of the "Generation" line, and it should be the best, but sadly, it's hampered by how incomplete it is. The game features the first three incarnations of everybodies favorite one on one fighter, Street Fighter II. The original World Warriors, Champion Edition, and Turbo Hyper Fighting are all represented in this arcade perfect port.

If you've forgotten the chronology, the original plays slow, features only eight playable characters, and no Chun Li vs. Chun Li fights. Champion Edition loosens up the speed, not to mention allows same character fights. However, it's the inclusion of the four Bosses that makes it worth playing. Turbo Hyper Fighting speeds the game up considerably, gives characters even more moves, and features a whole pallet of colors.

But that's where the collection ends. Where's Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Champion Edition? Heck, where's the original Street Fighter?? All games could easily have fit on one disc. Other collections, including the Ghosts N Goblins set, includes EACH of the games, no matter their age or system. So why didn't Capcom continue this trend?

Each of the three games plays well, features everything you could want from an arcade port, and even features VS modes, training, and an art gallery. It's not a perfect collection, but it does it's job filling in the extras for the fans.

But the game is dragged down by how incomplete it is. If they had included the "Super" games it would have been a high ninety percent, but in this state I simply can't be so kind. It's a shame that Capcom would split up a series like this just to make more money. A real shame.
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