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Starblade Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 20%
Starblade Starblade Starblade Starblade
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Playing Starblade is like watching a horrible, generic, mid season network sitcom replacement. The sitcom will offer no laughs, be an offensive rip off, and after 22 minutes the fun is over. After 22 minutes of Starblade you will have no fun, and wonder why this game was ported in the era of Star Fox!

Namco's arcade hit Stablade has been ported to a number of systems, including the PlayStation and 3DO, but the Sega CD was the first stop. Starblade is proof that some games aren't much fun outside of the arcade. This game is simple, dull, and extremely predictable. It's not it's fault, it's just doing what the market wanted (hey, Sega released tons of similar games at the same time ... just not on game systems), but Namco didn't have to release the game when other, better, games were already on the market.

Half the problem with this sort of game is the last of interactivity. This is not as bad in the arcade, as you can simply get up and leave after it's done, but when you're stuck owning it, this 22 minute opus doesn't quite cut it.

The game really isn't a lot of fun, either. It's alright on the eyes, all things considered, but the game never breaks into a intense fervor. I almost wish the game was faster just so it seemed more like a real space battle. Regardless, this game will be fun for a while, but proves to have little to no replay. Leave it alone.
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