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Sonic CD Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 85%
Sonic CD
Sonic CD Sonic CD Sonic CD Sonic CD
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It's a shame, a tragedy even, that I can't review more Sonic games on this web site. It seems like out side of Sonic CD, the only good Sonic games were on the Genesis! But hey, I'll review what I can!

Sonic CD is the first REAL reason to own a Sega CD (outside of Snatcher, which came later). Nintendo has known from the get go that they NEEDED Mario to launch with systems, and Sega surely needed Sonic to sell systems. Sonic CD, while worth every pennies it costs, isn't a large enough leap, and it's a little too late.

But, let's talk about how great this game is. Without a question, Sonic CD is one of the BEST games on the system, and without the game, most people wouldn't have even thought about the system. But the game isn't just a new Sonic game, it's a new way to play!

Each level was actually three different levels in one. That's right, it was the Past, the Present, and Future, all you had to do was go really fast (read: Back to the Future). Sonic the Hedgehog also created a new style of bonus level. It's a 3D world that plays more like a racing game than it does a bonus level. It's hard, even for a pro like me, it's damn hard!

But I digress. The game looks and plays wonderfully, and there's no question that the game is worth getting. But it isn't really any better than Sonic 1, 2, or 3! Plus you can't use Sonic and Knuckles with it! Even though that's a bummer, the game is still worth getting, and a wonderful game!

(Note: the music in the U.S. version is completely different than the Japanese version, if you have the opportunity to pick up the Japanese version, you won't regret it!)
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