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Mad Dog McCree Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 20%
Mad Dog McCree
Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog McCree
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Mad Dog is one of those short of games you kind of need to be in an arcade to enjoy. With an audience of people around watching you draw your gun at high noon this game can be quite a hoot, however, as a solo experience at home Mad Dog falls flat on its face.

First and foremost, don't even consider playing this with a control (or Sega mouse, for that matter), Mad Dog can ONLY be appreciated with Sega's Menacer. It is, after all, a light gun game, and should only be played with a light gun. Of course, the Menacer doesn't exactly recreate the wild west, and trying to draw with the bulky light gun is actually a pretty humorous experience.

Mad Dog Mcree is a pretty standard shooting game. There are a limited amount of levels, each which represent a different part of a different western. There's so many clichés here it looks more like a Three's Company episode. You'll need to take out gunslingers by the gold mine, the bank, the saloon, and of course, several one on one duels under the hot sun. Sound familiar? You've seen it before if you've seen a Clint Eastwood movie.

The graphics are a major let down when compared to the arcade and 3DO version. The lack of colors makes some of the enemies difficult to see in the back ground, and a lot of the game is darker than it should be. The full motion video isn't any worse than other Sega CD titles, but most don't have you shooting small objects.

The game wasn't all that impressive to begin with, and it's no better on the Sega CD. If you're looking for a Menacer game and you already own T2: the Arcade Game, Mad Dog Mcree is a good second or third choice. It might not be perfect, but at least you'll get thirty minutes of fun out of it!
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