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Double Switch Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 10%
Double Switch
Double Switch Double Switch Double Switch Double Switch
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Double Switch is only for gamers who couldn't get enough of Night Trap. If you are like me and found Night Trap to be one of the most pointless, plodding, painful experiences in video game history, then you shouldn't even continue reading this review.

Unlike you guys, however, I can't leave this review. I have to see it out until the bitter end. Speaking of bitter end, did I mention that Double Switch features Corey Haim? Post - Lost Boys, Pre - Drug problem (I think). This game also features '70s washed up Blondie lead Deborah Harry, doing her best Cleopatra impersonation.

The game basically comes down to you looking at various rooms waiting for somebody to step on your "trap". Unlike Night Trap, however, first you must get the trap ready before you spring it on the enemy, a new feature that works, but then, only in the same way the game doesn't work. You'll likely have to watch the "movie" several times before you can beat the game, which can either be hugely entertaining, or extremely daunting, depending on your tolerance level.

The acting hasn't improved much since Night Trap, either. Many of the lines feel like they were written with a crayon and directed with a crowbar. I lost count on how many inappropriately emphasized words were said by one of the lead characters, but it was well over 200.

The story is barely worth writing about, and while it does retain that campy tone they were going after, it also makes you question if THIS really is the future of gaming? This game has no play control, a complete absence of fairness, and is so poorly programmed its any wonder it was released. The whole genre is seriously flawed, but few are as bad as this.

Night Trap did not sell based on it's own merit, but rather on controversy. Double Switch didn't have the controversy surrounding it, and alas didn't perform well while on the market. This is ONLY for gamers who view Full Motion Video as an art form, and not a burden.
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