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Adventure of Batman and Robin Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 57%
Adventure of Batman and Robin
Adventure of Batman and Robin Adventure of Batman and Robin Adventure of Batman and Robin Adventure of Batman and Robin
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There are an awful lot of video games based on comic book characters. But of all the comic characters, Batman has always been a favorite to tap from. And why not? Batman, unlike Superman or Spiderman, has a whole lot of "toys" always making for a unique game.

So, then, I ask you: Why wouldn't Sega release a game that tapped into this unique feature?

Batman and Robin is a racing, action hybrid. Using the 3D animation engine used in Sega's Batman Returns game, Sega again decides to give us a strange mixture of genres. It's not a bad game, it's just isn't very Batmany.

The control is a little off, as well. You can't hit commuters cars, which makes sense, but it's extremely difficult to dodge them, while still making it in time. But even though theire's a learning curve, the game itself can be a lot of fun. And half of the enjoyment are the extremely interesting back grounds. They almost (almost) make up for the sub par control and repetitive game play.

After several levels that are related to their enemies, including such popular baddies as Poison Ivy, the Riddler, the Joker, and Thorn. The video game inside of a video game is extremely interesting, and being able to play as the Batwing really makes me want to like this game.

So what's the problem? The game isn't a lot of fun, and I mean, it really isn't much fun at all. It's generally a bore, and even though the animated segments between levels kept me playing the game, I wonder why they couldn't have made a game more like what I saw in these clips!

It's not a horrible game, it's just not much fun. Drive at your own risk.
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