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Motocross Championship Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 10%
Motocross Championship
Motocross Championship Motocross Championship Motocross Championship Motocross Championship
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  • D-
It's hard to believe a time when racing games weren't done well. Even the worst racing games these days are well above some of the games that used to pass as racers back in the day. In fact, the console racing scene was pretty bleak pre-Ridge Racer.

Sega's Motocross Championship is right on that fringe, released right before Daytona U.S.A. and other influential console racers. For that reason is it bad? Or is it a forgotten classic?

Well, let's face it, if you've played a racing game in the last six or seven years you will likely feel nauseous just playing this game. The play control is terrible, and the frame rate is far below standard, and it's jerky beyond belief. And to make matters worse, it's horrible looking and sounding, and the presentation is just as bad as can be.

So is there a saving grace? It has a two player mode, and thankfully that doesn't look or control any worse. But as a 32-bit game, Motocross Championship is one ugly pile of game.

Perhaps like so many other 32x games Motocross Championship was rushed, but there's no excuse for releasing a product this lacking in fun. After all, that is what this is all about, fun ... and there's none to be had here. Is there a worse racer? Sure, but I'd rather not think of one.
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