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Doom Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 50%
Doom Doom Doom Doom
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Doom is a little difficult to play after binging on games like Unreal, Halflife, or GoldenEye. It's not the graphics that are difficult to view, nor is it the music (which I might add is truly awful). No, it's the limitedness of the game. You really can't look in too many directions, and it's really just all about the auto aim.

However, as bad as those things are, this game is suited perfectly for a non-analog control like the 32x ... It's basically move left, move right, forward, backwards, and shoot shoot shoot. The only problem that I can see is the blatant repetition that occurs throughout the levels.

This game is a little different than the Jaguar counterpart. It is a little slower, and is not full screen. It also has the music, which some people may like, but I really don't want to meet these people. The game lacks the multiplayer aspect, and really isn't as much fun to play as I remember it. The control is better suited for the game than the mouse and keyboard, believe it or not, and how many first person shooters can you say that about?

All in all, this is the first, and really last attempt at a first person shooter on the Sega 32x. Pick it up, it's better than most versions (and even beats out my friends computer version).
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