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Puzzle Link Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 64%
Puzzle Link
Puzzle Link Puzzle Link Puzzle Link
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There is an all out lack of puzzle games for the Black and White Neo Geo Pocket Color, that's no myth, but Puzzle Link goes a long way at giving us puzzle gamers what we want.

It's not the best puzzle game, it's just the only puzzle game on the black and white unit. Sure there's the Japanese Chess game (Master of Syougi) and a casino game (Neo Cherry Masters), but Puzzle Link is the only REAL puzzle game. And it really is a puzzle game, a damn good puzzle game.

There's loads of options and ways to play. And best of all, the game is actually fun. It's not your usual "Tetris clone", either. There is a lot of strategy that you have to use, and frankly, I liked the new theme.

Since the game is black and white Puzzle Link uses shapes in the place of what would likely be colors, ala Bust A Move Mini. The trick is that you have to link the different shapes together to get rid of them, or at least before they get to the bottom of the screen ... because we all know what happens then.

This game is extremely addictive, no matter how you stack it. There are tons of options and a whole lot of fun to be had. This is one of the best reasons to own a Neo Geo Pocket, especially if you aren't a fan of fighters. This game is just plain fun.
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