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Bust-A-Move Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
Bust-A-Move Bust-A-Move Bust-A-Move Bust-A-Move
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Perhaps Tetris didn't start it, but it also didn't hurt the puzzle game trend. Puzzle games are easily described as either being ingenious, wonderful, and inventive, or they're the same old thing, dull, or a Tetris-wannabe. Puzzle Bobble (or Bust a Move as it's known in the the United States) dips into the wonderful and inventive side of things.

In order for most puzzle games to work, and ultimately not be known as a strategy game, the game has to be simple enough to not need more than fifteen seconds of instructions. And with that Puzzle Bobble succeeds. But more importantly, it's just a lot of fun to play, and it's really wholeheartedly addictive as any drug on the market.

Your goal is pretty simple, you are given a colored ball, you have to toss it (or launch it) onto the rest of the colored balls above you. If you match three or more of the same color, *pop* is disappears, and you are left to do the same with the rest of the balls. Through many levels of this, and a rather fun two player mode, Puzzle Bobble sets itself away from the pack. It's not the most fun I have ever had, but it's a great party game, and a fun alternative to Tetris.
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