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Neo Cherry Master Color Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 10%
Neo Cherry Master Color
Neo Cherry Master Color Neo Cherry Master Color Neo Cherry Master Color
  • Review Score:

  • D-
A game like Neo Cherry Master Color is a tough game to review ... it's not worse than it's Black and White counterpart, but then it isn't any better. The point of this color version is nothing short of perplexing.

Much like Neo Cherry Master, Neo Cherry Master Color is a slot game. So if you aren't a fan of casino games you are GOING TO HATE THIS GAME!! Heed that warning. And what's worse? This game is EXACTLY like the black and white version ... just in color. I mean, there is zero difference.

So why score this lower than it's black and white equal? Simple, this game is pointless beyond words. Could SNK really believe that a color version of a poor selling black and white game REALLY succeed? The least they could have done is added something, ANYTHING to this game!! It's offensive to release this again for double the price.

Stay as far away from this game as you possibly can.
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