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Neo Baccarat Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 40%
Neo Baccarat
Neo Baccarat Neo Baccarat Neo Baccarat
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  • C-
Neo Baccarat is one of those sort of games I wouldn't normally play in Las Vegas. It's not that it's not a fun game, because surely there is enjoyment to be had, it's just not a very logical way of spending my gambling money (which doesn't get in the way of my hooker money).

Neo Baccarat is a lot like betting on sports. The only difference, it's not nearly as much fun. Basically you bet on the player, the banker, or a tie ... heck, vote for all three! That's basically the game. Sure you can look at the corner of the cards (which is a neat visual effect I might add), but this game is just plain boring.

Perhaps I just wasn't bitten by the Baccarat bug. Perhaps this game just isn't my cup of tea. Perhaps if I played it another forty hours I would be able to appreciate it. But as it stands right now Neo Baccarat is neither fun or addictive.
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