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The King of Fighters R-2 Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 85%
The King of Fighters R-2
The King of Fighters R-2 The King of Fighters R-2 The King of Fighters R-2
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If there is anything that can be said about SNK it is that they pride themselves on great fighting games. Many of their fighting games are so good, that after the next one comes out, it's difficult to go back and buy the earlier versions.

If you have read any of my earlier reviews about Samurai Shodown 2, SNK vs. Capcom, or what not, you will know that SNK packs their games will the best playing characters, and sharpest animation they can on their little unit. Everything is exactly where it needs to be, but my biggest complaint is the game itself. The mode the game defaults to is a three on three mode that makes you fight against three people before moving on to the next challenge. This works fine, but I find it a bit annoying, and would rather not play like this at all. Luckily, they have included the one on one mode as well, so I can just play it like any other fighting game.

There is a great character making section, and some other "cosmetic" features, but the game isn't real original, and plays just like any of the other fighting games on the system. This is it's best feature, and it's biggest fault. Regardless, this is a highly recommended fighting game, and it's really a lot of fun with 2 players.
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