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Dynamite Slugger Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 57%
Dynamite Slugger
Dynamite Slugger Dynamite Slugger Dynamite Slugger
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  • C+
Let's face it baseball games on the portables are a pretty miserable breed. They range from horrible to not too bad. Dynamite Slugger is the third Neo Geo Pocket baseball game, and while it's better than both Baseball Stars and Baseball Stars Color, it isn't going to set the world afire, either.

Dynamite Slugger plays extremely well. That can be said. It's extremely easy to move to where you need to, to bat the ball in to the opening with a little practice, and best of all, to pitch without much difficulty. These alone make Dynamite Slugger one of the best baseball games on the market. Plus it has tons of options and quite a few one player modes. And it even has a fun two player mode to boot.

The graphics aren't nearly as good as the game play. Frankly the graphics and sound are pretty bad. They fit what they need to, but they don't go any further than that. But this sort of game isn't really about graphics. It's really about the game of baseball, and while this isn't the best game of baseball to be had, it's definitely better than the two Dreamcast baseballers. Nevertheless, Dynamite Slugger is well worth picking up ... and worlds better than the other two baseball games on the system.
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