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Delta Warp Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 78%
Delta Warp
Delta Warp Delta Warp Delta Warp Delta Warp
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When portable systems were first released many of the most popular games were puzzle games. Tetris for the Game Boy, Columbus for the Game Gear, and Klax for the Lynx all sold big units mainly due to the theory that people love to solve puzzles when they are on vacation. How many crossword puzzles are sold each year to people on vacation?

It's easy to lose yourself while playing a puzzle game on a long road trip or an airplane flight. And the Game Boy wasn't good for much else. It couldn't process the power for fighting games, or action games, or shooting games. But the Neo Geo Pocket Color CAN process the power for these types of games. One of the best games for the system, Match of the Millennium, is a fighting game. And both Metal Slugs are as intense as anything on the Super NES. So, then, I ask you ... how do you keep people interested in a puzzle game when you are going into the 21st century?

In the case of Delta Warp you don't try to compete, you just give people as much as you possibly can. The game is extremely difficult to explain, but the concept has you, a triangle, flopping around a board covering the board as it's displayed. That is, if it calls for a black triangle, you have to flop your way over and cover it with black. This is usually easier said than done, as you will also have to deal with ice, black holes, bouncers, and other evils on the board. If it sounds like Q*Bert then it should, but in a much less action packed way.

Many of the stages feature multiple levels, so you will not only have to complete something on one plane, but you will also need to consider the other levels as well. All sounds more complex than the game actually is, and once learned, it's extremely addictive.

But the real joy comes when you hook two Neo Geo Pocket Color's together and have a battle. While there is only one form of combat, it is extremely addictive, and a real brain teaser. It's like playing Tick Tack Toe, except somebody WILL win. And better yet, you can create your own levels, save then, send them to your friends, and play them two players, as well.

And best of all, it's completely, 100% in English! No question about it. Full English. It's easy to learn, understand, read, and best of all enjoy. It's likely the last great puzzle game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color ... and you don't want to miss it. But, make sure you have a second person to play it with (and trade with), it makes this game something special!
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