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Crush Roller Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 50%
Crush Roller
Crush Roller Crush Roller Crush Roller
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The problem with a game like Crush Roller is that it's instantly going to be compared to Pac-Man. And while this game is better than Pac-Man is many ways, it is also much worse than Pac-Man in one VITAL way.

Crush Roller is an interesting game. Like several games of it's past, your goal is to effectively paint the entire road before you die three times. Sound simple? Well, it's not, but more on that in a minute.

In each level there are two enemies (which we will get to in a minute). Plus there is a character that when activated will start to undo what you have already painted. This isn't so bad, though, because the character, be it a trash can, a rabbit, or a witch, only seems to go in a small pattern and doesn't really mess too much up.

The game seems to assume one thing, though. It assumes that you don't mind a completely unfair disadvantage. You see, the two ghosts ... er, well, yeah, ghosts (or whatever they are) are much faster than they probably should be. In fact, too often you do to being chased down by a faster enemy. In Pac-Man there were four ghosts, but they at least were the same speed as you (except for certain times). Here there are two merciless ghosts, and one frustrating game.

But there are tons of levels, and a way to go back and better your score. And in order to actually beat the game you need to go through it more than a few times. There is a ton of replay, but a game that isn't especially fun. It's great for the younger set, but if you've already tired of Pac-Man, well this games NOT for you. Move on to something better. -Bradders
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