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Baseball Stars Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 40%
Baseball Stars
Baseball Stars Baseball Stars Baseball Stars
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When the Game Boy was first released many major companies threw their hats in the ever growing sports market. The problem was that sports excitement couldn't fit in the limited Game Boy ... at least not at first. Other companies were slightly more cautious about the sports titles, but everybody eventually was bit by the powers that be.

Baseball Stars could either continue this long trend of dull portable sports games, or it could break the mold and actually be its own game. I am happy to say that Baseball Stars has fixed many of my complaints with the arcade game, but also created just as many new problems!

Just like the arcade game, Baseball Stars allows you to choose from a very limited amount of fake teams. Most of the team is predetermined, however there is little additions that can be made when the going gets tough. Unlike the arcade game, Baseball Stars doesn't rush you through everything. Before you had eight seconds to choose teams, characters, and what not. Now you are given considerably longer.

The game does fall apart a little bit when it comes to fluid segues between wide shots and close ups. There is a slight, but noticeable, pause between hitting and fielding, but then, it's not that much of a gripe.

The game has lost a little personality in the translation, but for what it is, a baseball game, it does a damn fine job. A good try, and a hope the next is better!
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