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Top Player's Golf Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 57%
Top Player's Golf
Top Player's Golf Top Player's Golf Top Player's Golf
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  • C+
I won't say Golfing is in my blood, but I have shot a round here and there, and like watching it on TV, to the dismay of many ex girlfriends. But I really love golf games, and was extremely excited by the prospects of the first Neo Geo golf game.

For the most part, Top Player Golf lives up to a quality golf game. It doesn't seem as refined as perhaps I would have liked, but it's extremely difficult to mess up a golf game.

The two courses packed with this game aren't extremely varied, but the control (after a little learning) works well. The graphics aren't real good, but for a first generation Neo Geo game, they will do. You can play two players, as well, kind of a let down considering that the League Bowling let you play four players. Speaking of League Bowling, Top Player Golf never quite musters up enough character to be in the same caliber as League Bowling. But for a first generation golf game, this will do just fine. And since this is the only golf game on the Neo Geo, it will HAVE to do.
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