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Super Spy Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 40%
Super Spy
Super Spy Super Spy Super Spy
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  • C-
There is nothing, and I mean, nothing SUPER about a spy who can't even sneak in without battling well over a thousand bad guys. Personally, to say he's super is a major misjudgment. However, some appropriate name may have been: Wheelchair Spy, No Depth Perception Spy, or even Super Slow Spy.

What Super Spy reminds me of is the recent Resident Evil shooter. No no, not the one with the Jill, and the zombies, but the faux-first person shooter Capcom made based off of their series. Super Spy stands against one side of the wall, crawling from one side to the other fighting people in front of him. The only problem is that our SUPER Spy seems afraid of standing too far offside of the wall, meaning that the bad guys come to you. This results in both boring and dull control, and many unwanted hits to your spy.

The levels are long, a bit too long, too. There are only two levels, each which takes place in a building. Both of the buildings look close enough to actually be the same levels, just with different names. There are tons of floors to go through, as well. This isn't a good thing, though, as it takes so long to beat, and becomes so repetitive, that you are extremely upset when there is a second level to complete.

Your spy doesn't have a lot of weapons, either. Nothing very exciting, at least. I mean, wasn't half of the fun of James Bond or Ethan Hunt (a couple of Super Spies) the wonderful toys they had? But none of that appears in this game. Instead we are forced to fight with a knife, a gun with only a few bullets, and your hands and feet. You can pick up a machine gun here and there, but once you've run out of ammo, back to your regular pea shooter. Most enemies take about 25 stabbings, or 12 gun shots, to take down, and for some odd reason you can shoot THROUGH people.

There is the matter of interactivity, though. And while you certainly can't move into the screen (except for when you are going through a hallway, then you can't move left or right), you can destroy, and leave bullet marks on most of the background. This is entertaining, for a while. But ultimately you figure out that the game is just dull, and you stop playing. Super Spy is a first person shooter for people afraid of the prospect of 3D.
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