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Dragon Power
Dragon Power Dragon Power Dragon Power
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  • C-
Jerry punches a sword-wielding bear in the balls repeatedly to bring you his review of Dragon Power. Based on Dragon Ball, Dragon Power is an NES game with a lot of problems. Traverse the world looking for dragon balls ... er, crystal balls. Take on exciting bosses and impress your friends with you limited kung fu moves. Find out what Jerry thought of Dragon Power when you watch his review.

Dragon Power could have been a perfectly good action/adventure game if it wasn't marred by the infuriating difficulty. Still, fans of Dragon Ball will get a kick out of reliving some of the earliest chapters in the series. The simple visuals and repetitive audio don't help either, especially when coupled with the shallow gameplay. There's fun to be had here, but know what you're getting yourself into before buying Dragon Power for the NES!
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