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Bio-Hazard Battle Reviewed by Jerry Terrifying on . Rating: 64%
Bio-Hazard Battle
Bio-Hazard Battle Bio-Hazard Battle Bio-Hazard Battle
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  • B-
You should have seen the look on Jerry Terrifying's face when we asked him to review Bio-Hazard Battle for the Sega Genesis. This insect-inspired shooter is not Jerry's cup of tea, but that didn't stop him from having a good time with this arcade-style action game. It turns out that bugs have spectacular fire power. Who would have thought? Watch the full video below and find out what Jerry thought of Bio-Hazard Battle for the Sega Genesis!

Summary: Insects, bugs and flying meatball sperm? Yeah, Bio-Hazard Battle is that kind of 2D shoot-em-up. Sure it suffers from a lot of the cliches of the genre, but that doesn't stop this Sega shmup from being a well-designed game. Shooter fans will enjoy the unique enemy and everybody else will dance around to the catchy tunes.
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